The Foundry and Monotype

The type design careers of David Quay and Freda Sack began during a time when design technology was rapididly changing. This experience, together with their work at the forefront of digital font technology in the late 1970s and early 1980s, has made both partners very aware of the importance of such developments. The significance of similar current challenges, brought about by the essential use of type for screen, device and web, is therefore fully appreciated.

The central focus for David and Freda has always been to be able to spend more time designing typefaces, and to have time for other creative pursuits. This seeming conflict of needs and interests prompted them to look at how they could best achieve yet another another major change in formats and licensing models, and fulfil their collective creative aims. They were inspired to talk to colleagues at Monotype to find a way forward that would give them the freedom and flexibility desired.

The outcome of these deliberations and discussions was that, during the past year 2013, Freda and David decided to work closely with Monotype towards a new era where all The Foundry typefaces would be available as web fonts, and for use in e-publications, mobile apps, server-based applications, consumer devices and other products all to be licensed exclusively through Monotype.

Now customers can benefit from Monotype's global distribution network, the most up-to-date technology and a range of flexible licensing solutions, enabling continued use of The Foundry typefaces for a wider range of uses. David and Freda benefit from being able to concentrate on what they do best – designing typefaces and growing the collection.