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Foundry Gridnik in use

Robin Uleman, Amsterdam, designs Dutch Olympic stamps

Series of stamps, commissioned by PostNL (Dutch Mail), celebrating the 100th anniversary of NOC*NSF (Netherlands Olympic Committee * Netherlands Sports Federation).

Robin Uleman chose Foundry Gridnik for this project – he says ‘the typeface fitted the job so well, I almost instantly had it in mind. It also gave me the opportunity to ‘take my hat off’ to the master of *’cijferzegels’, Mr Crouwel.’ (*numeral stamps)

For the design Robin chose to focus on the experience and emotions of the Dutch Olympic champions. He says – ‘these heroes serve as role models to inspire others to take up a sport. That’s why I didn’t use images of cheering on winning champions, but instead portrayed them in action, showing the strain and effort, the concentration and perserverance involved.’ These images represent the dual ethos of NOC*NSF; on the one side the Olympic arena, where only the best compete, and on the other the millions of amateurs that enjoy their exercise every week.