New font licensing options

We are pleased to announce that The Foundry font collection is now available exclusively from Monotype. 

We have worked with Monotype to offer a full range of font licences – from desktop and web fonts to ebooks, mobile apps, servers and more. 

Please contact Monotype’s font licensing experts for more information 

Monotype UK: +44 (0) 1737 765 959

Monotype USA: +1 (781) 970 6000

Monotype Germany: +49 (0) 6172 484 418

Please note that a digital font is like any other piece of licensed software and subject to terms and conditions of use. Purchasing a font licence gives you the right to use the font software in accordance with the terms of the End User Licence Agreement. 

To ensure that The Foundry continues to bring you further inspiring fonts, please take the time to read all licence terms, whilst 'the small print' is not an exciting read, it is important and may answer any questions you have.

The copyright of the design and data of The Foundry fonts remains with The Foundry at all times.