Support questions

On trying to load the fonts I receive an alert that I need a password. What is that password?

Our fonts are not password protected. It is most likely that your computer / system is password protected, and an administrator password is needed. This will be a password set by your own IT department, to stop anyone installing unauthorized files or applications, and to protect the system from possible viruses. If the fonts are running on a server, check whether there are server font management, and / or administrator privileges. You will need to ask your IT department for help on this.

What is OpenType format, PostScript flavour?

There are two kinds of OpenType format – PostScript flavour and TrueType flavour – we develop our own fonts in OpenType PostScript flavour as this gives the best outlines especially for design application use (rather like PC PostScript performed better than PC TrueType format for design use).

I have only ordered one weight/ style Foundry Sans Normal. Can i use the style buttons on my PC to create other styles?

Use of ‘style buttons’ is not a recommended method of accessing weights. Unless the font is ‘a grouped set’ (specially modified for this purpose) the weights selected by style buttons are mechanically created and therefore not true weights – this will not give a good visual result – and ‘mechanical weights’ will not conform to any brand guidelines you may be following.

It is possible to modify a PC TrueType font into ‘a grouped set’, so that the true weight is selected by style buttons, but this is not possible for sets of more than 4 weights [typically Book, Book Italic, Bold, Bold Italic]. If you require a grouped set contact us.

What languages do your fonts cover?
All our typefaces cover as standard Western Latin 1, other languages are available in OpenType format levels. For further information click here.