Font troubleshooting

Please check through the following:
A problem occurs after previously successfully using the font.
– Have you changed anything in your system or application set up?

Characters appear to be clashing and / or word spacing looks odd.
– Are you reflowing existing documents?
The font may be picking up previous kerning and spacing information.

You receive a 'font ID clash' error.
– Is the font installed more than once?
For example in both System folder and Font Management application.
– Have you upgraded the font, but forgotten to delete the old version?
Upgrade fonts should not be installed before completely deleting the original from your system. Do a search and find in all applications and system caches. How to delete your font cache click here.

Does the problem happen with all weights, in all applications?
For example, the font presents OK on screen in Quark, but doesn't print properly, or there is a PDF problem?

If using the font on several machines, does it present in the same way?

Have you selected the correct keyboard input?
– on a Mac, access the language menu top right on your screen.
– for PC go to Regional and Language Options via the Control Panel.

The above information hasn't helped?

Contact us about your specific issue, include set-up details on hardware and software and versions (see list below) and a visual where relevant as screen shot, jpeg or PDF.

Operating systems:
Mac OSX, PC Windows, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
Quark, Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Acrobat Distiller, Acrobat Reader, other
Font format(s)
Mac PostScript, PC PostScript, PC TrueType, OpenType (and Level)
Font management systems (if any)
Font Book, Suitcase, Suitcase Fusion, Linotype FontExplorer, other
If the is font installed in the system only, where does the font reside?