• Architype Universal Ballmer
  • Architype Universal Bayer
  • Architype Universal Bayer-type
  • Architype Universal Bill
  • Architype Universal Tschichold

Architype Universal is a collection of avant garde typefaces deriving mainly from the work of artists/designers of the inter-war years, whose ideals underpin the design philosophies of the modernist movement in Europe. Their 'universal', 'single alphabet' theory limits the character sets.

New font licensing options from The Foundry

We are pleased to announce that The Foundry font collection is now available exclusively from Monotype. Selecting the ‘Licence this font’ button on this page – or the pages for the individual weights – will take you directly to the relevant place on the Monotype site.

We have worked with Monotype to offer a full range of font licences – from desktop and web fonts to ebooks, mobile apps, servers and more.

Please contact Monotype’s font licensing experts for more information

Monotype UK: +44 (0)1737 765 959
Monotype USA: +1 (781) 970 6000
Monotype Germany: +49 (0) 6172 484 418